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Pelvic model in fabric and foam rubber showing the woman's pelvis. Targeted demonstration of births

Pelvic model in fabric and foam rubber showing the woman's pelvis. Targeted demonstration of births

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This soft model of the woman's pelvis is an alternative to our pelvis models in hard plastic material.

The pelvis model is developed in fabric filled with foam rubber. The material is durable, flexible and soft. The model weighs quite a bit and is very easy to transport. It cannot be separated.

In relation to birth preparation and birth demonstration, the pelvis model is particularly suitable for use in combination with a fetal doll. The fetal doll can be pulled through the pelvis in different ways, while dealing with various issues such as for example the connecting lines of the pelvis (conjugata vera etc.).

Our range of pregnancy models includes a fetal doll with placenta (placenta) and umbilical cord (as well as chorion and amnion), which is aimed at birth preparation. The fetal doll fits exactly to this pelvis model.

Anatomical features

Anatomically, the model shows the female pelvis. Just like in men, the pelvis consists of the 3 building blocks, which are the 2 hip bones and the sacrum. The model also shows the 2 lower lumbar vertebrae. Overall, the model shows the following bones:

Os coxae (the 2 hip bones) of which both are composed

- Os ilium (iliac bone/hip bone)

- Os ischii (seat bone)

- Os pubis (pubic bone)

Us sacrum (sacrum) incl. os coccygis (coccyx)
4th and 5th lumbar vertebra (lumbar vertebra)

It has been developed in fabric filled with foam rubber, and therefore several of the bones do not appear lifelike in size and shape. Despite this, the pelvic ring as a whole is quite similar.

Product flexibility

Clinical features

Clinically speaking, the model can be used, for example, in connection with birth preparation, demonstration of birth and complications.

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