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Placenta and umbilical cord as well as visible chorion and amnion

Placenta and umbilical cord as well as visible chorion and amnion

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Anatomical model of placenta and umbilical cord as well as visible chorion and amnion, made of fabric and nylon. The model can also be bought in a set, where a baby doll is included.

An umbilical cord is typically around 50 cm long and consists of connective tissue surrounded by 3 blood vessels (the umbilical vein and the 2 umbilical arteries). On the model, the umbilical cord is significantly shorter.

In addition, you see red and blue color in the umbilical cord, which symbolizes the mentioned blood vessels in educational colors. The blue color looks like a single vein, but you cannot identify 2 separate red umbilical arteries. You just see a red color which takes up more than the blue color in the umbilical cord (which is probably to symbolize that there are 2 arteries and only 1 vein).

Placenta is also apparently very educational. Similar to a real placenta, you can clearly see the difference between the outside and the inside with realistic details (but not tiny details). The diameter is 20 cm.

The outer side (the maternal surface seen from the mother's side) is reddish brown and divided into the many lobes (cotyledons) delimited by ring-shaped depressions.

The inner side (fetal side of the placenta) is roughly grey-red. Here you can see the attachment of the umbilical cord and that the umbilical cord vessels radiate beyond the placenta.

Chorion and amnion

The model includes these 2 important obstacles:

  • Chorion (amniotic membrane) which surrounds the amnion
  • Amnion (amniotic membrane) that encloses the amniotic fluid in which the fetus lies

On the model, the obstacles are developed in fabric and do not include any liquid.

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