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The muscular system of the woman in large format seen from the front

The muscular system of the woman in large format seen from the front

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Gigantic Anatomy poster which focuses on a visual and aesthetic presentation of the muscular system of the woman in its entirety. The poster includes one detailed illustration of the muscular system seen from the front (anterior). Unlike most titles in the category, this poster is without nomenclature.

The illustration includes:

- The muscular system seen from the front, with deep and superficial muscles on each side

The poster is part of the Anatomic-Aesthetics (R) series of posters, designed with a focus on an aesthetic and visual presentation of the muscles with the idea 'less is more'. The illustrations are very detailed and include both deep and superficial muscle layers such as the muscle layer of the stomach; M. obliquus internus abdominis, M. obliquus externus abdominis and M. obliquus transversus abdominis, shown with a section that both indicates the relationship to each other, but also indicates the direction of the muscle fibers. Additionally, selected clinically relevant nerves and vessels are also visible.

The poster is delivered in the format 200x80 cm in a quality print.

P.S. The copyright marks are not visible on the physical poster

Frame not included.

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