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6 posters about the horse's anatomy with pure Latin and English text.

6 posters about the horse's anatomy with pure Latin and English text.

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This set consists of 6 posters, all of which measure approximately 61 x 83 cm. Overall, they show the horse's anatomy - from the skeleton to the outside (read more at the bottom of the description).

They are prepared in paper and connected via a spiral spine. When in use, you can "scroll" through the posters by pulling them backwards and thus use the set as a flipchart.

If you want to take one or more of the posters out of the set, for example because you want to frame them, you can easily cut or cut off the ring holes.

The horse posters have been developed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. P. Simoens from the Department of Morphology at Ghent University in Belgium. In addition, they are designed by Dr. W. Van Kerkhoven and S. Vernieuwe and illustrated by Y. De Coster.

The quality of the content on the posters is extremely high. The set is also popular with our customers. The customers are horse masseurs, horse acupuncturists, veterinarians and anyone else with an interest in horses.

The posters show many educational illustrations of the horse's skeleton, muscles, nerves, heart and blood vessels, the other internal organs and the horse's surface anatomy. Emphasis has been placed on showing the structures from different angles and in the different layers (see the images on the left).

The structures are named in both Latin and English-Latin.

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