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Real cat skeleton (Felis catus) presented on a stand

Real cat skeleton (Felis catus) presented on a stand

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This real cat skeleton comes assembled and consists of more than 230 individual bones. The quality of the preservation is high, with as many anatomical details intact as possible. Even the smallest bones are included.

There is no movement in the joints, which ensures better durability. The skeleton of the cat is delivered on a stand, which consists of a stylish slab of dark wood.

Real cat skeletons from eAnatomy are always of European origin. In addition, they are prepared and assembled by a professional conservator.

It should be emphasized that real cat skeletons are unique. Therefore, there may be minor differences in size and anatomical details if you order 2 models at different times.

NB. The images on the left are therefore indicative

Ordering and delivery always take place in accordance with applicable laws and guidelines.

Delivery times may vary as delivery of real cat skeletons, like other real animal skeletons, is affected by the dynamics of supply and demand.

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