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Real life-size horse skeleton presented on a stand with wheels

Real life-size horse skeleton presented on a stand with wheels

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this product is made to order. To place an order please call or write us.

This real horse skeleton comes life-sized, degreased, and consists of approximately 252 individual bones. The quality is high and it appears very natural in colour, bone structure and joints (see the pictures on the left).

The skeleton is delivered on a practical stand, which consists of 2 metal rods and a strong plate with wheels. The entire stand is extremely robust and functions as a stand.

Due to the risk of damage during transport, the entire model is delivered with both the stand, skull, fore and hind limbs (extremities) and the tail removed. However, assembly is extremely easy and does not take long. Once assembled, the horse skeleton is attached to the stand via the 2 simple metal rods, so that the skeleton can both be rolled around and studied easily and conveniently (see the pictures on the left).

As a starting point, the horse's skeleton measures approximately 150 cm across the back. However, it must be emphasized that real skeletons from horses are unique. Therefore, there will always be differences in size and anatomical details. Price depends on the size of the skeleton. Therefore, contact us for more information.

Real horse skeletons from eAnatomy are always of European origin. In addition, they are prepared and assembled by a professional conservator.

Delivery time may vary as delivery of real horse skeletons is affected by the dynamics of supply and demand. When ordering a real horse skeleton, the delivery time typically varies from 4 to 6 months.


Skeletons of this size require special transport. We get the skeleton delivered to our warehouse in Glostrup, where the skeleton must be picked up by the customer. In our experience, the skeleton is best transported in a normal horse transporter.

NB: The horse skeleton is delivered without hooves.

As always, you are very welcome to contact us if you also want to hoof or have other questions.

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