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Skeleton part showing the entire right leg with a highly movable hip and ankle joint (incl. the hip bone)

Skeleton part showing the entire right leg with a highly movable hip and ankle joint (incl. the hip bone)

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This skeleton part shows the entire leg from the toes to the hip bone.

The "bone skeleton" shows the bones in natural adult size. The level of detail on the bones is very good and many of the joints are held together by metal, allowing limited opportunity to demonstrate the natural movements of the joints.

As something special, the bones are very lifelike. Furthermore, the hip joint and the ankle joint (both the ankle joint and the lower ankle joint) are held together via elastics, which make them very flexible. It is also possible to detach both the femur and lower leg completely from adjacent bones.

Anatomical features

Anatomically, the skeletal part shows all the bones in the foot, the 2 bones of the lower leg, the kneecap, the femur and the hip bone. Sesame bones are not visible.

The level of detail on the bones is really good and shows very precise reproductions of the anatomical details.

The scope of "osseous landmarks" includes both large details such as the major and minor trochanters on the femur as well as smaller details such as tuberositas ossis metatarsalis V.

Product flexibility

In terms of movement, the hip joint, ankle joint and lower ankle joint are very flexible because they are held together by elastic bands.

In the hip joint, all natural movements can be demonstrated, and the femur can be detached from the hip bone, because a lock is fitted to the elastic.

In the ankle joint (the talocrural joint between the lower leg bones and the base of the foot), the angular movement called "plantarflexion-dorsiflexion" can be demonstrated, and in the lower ankle joint (the subtalar joint under the talus/roller bone) "inversion-eversion" can be demonstrated.

Most other joints on the skeleton part are held together by metal/steel wire, allowing limited opportunity to demonstrate their natural movements. Furthermore, the lower leg can also be detached from the femur by loosening the nut on the metal pin that holds the knee joint together.

Clinical features

Clinically speaking, the bone is ideal for understanding diseases, disorders and disorders in this part of the skeleton.

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