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Model of the cecum and appendix

Model of the cecum and appendix

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If you are looking for a model that depicts the appendix with a particularly high degree of detail, we recommend this one.

The model weighs 0.4 kg, measures 12 x 12 x 20 cm (length x width x height) and the liver on a green stand.

The anterior wall of the cecum is also removable. This makes it possible to examine the mucosa in detail, and the openings between the small intestine and the appendix, respectively, and the appendix and appendix also become visible.

Anatomical features

Anatomically, the model depicts both the caecum and the appendix. The mucosa is only visible in the cecum, as the appendix is ​​only visible from the outside.

The appendix is ​​part of the large intestine, and therefore has some of the same anatomical characteristics. Of these, the model shows:

Tenia coli - longitudinal bundles of smooth muscle on the outside of the colon.
Haustrae coli - outgrowths of the wall of the cecum
Plicae semilunares - crescent-shaped folds in the mucous membrane

The model further illustrates how the terminal part of the small intestine (ileum) opens into the cecum at the ileocecal site. Here there is a flap that consists of an outer and inner lip and surrounds an opening with a size of approx. 2 cm in diameter.

At the bottom of the appendix is ​​another opening (ostium appendicis vermiformis), which is the entrance to the appendix.

The blood supply of the cecum and appendix is ​​also depicted on the model. It is seen how the A. ileocolica supplies the small intestine, and how an A. appendicularis departs from it, which supplies the appendix. The vascular supply to the appendix proceeds in the mesoappendix, which is the appendix's own fold.

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Clinical features

Clinically, the model can be used to understand diseases and disorders related to the appendix and appendix. For example, appendicitis (inflammation of the appendix) or ulcerative colitis (chronic inflammation of the colon).

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