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Anatomical model of the larynx with trachea and main bronchi

Anatomical model of the larynx with trachea and main bronchi

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Are you looking for a model that reproduces the larynx and trachea in high detail, as well as its division into main bronchi, lobe bronchi and segmental bronchi? Then we recommend this model, which is produced in SOMSO plastic.

The model is enlarged twice compared to the size of a normal human, has the dimensions 27 x 39 x 59 cm (length x width x height) and weighs approx. 2 kg. The model is delivered on a green plastic stand.

The model can be separated into 6 parts, as the upper part of the trachea and the throat can be separated from each other at the level of 6 tracheal cartilages. The throat can further be separated in the middle and two of the throat muscles are removable. The model is therefore ideal for understanding the structure of the throat, with the various cartilages, membranes, muscles and mucosal folds.

The individual structures are numbered and the names of these appear in a product manual that is included with the purchase of the model.

Anatomical features

Anatomically, the model depicts both the throat (larynx), the windpipe (trachea) and the first 3 generations of the bronchial tree.

The larynx is illustrated in a particularly high degree of detail, as both cartilage, membranes and all 6 muscles are shown on the model. When the larynx is separated in the middle (in a saggital cut), both the entrance from the pharynx to the larynx (aditus laryngis) and the vocal fold (rima glottidis) are seen between the vocal folds.

The larynx continues into the trachea, which at the bifurcation of the trachea divides into a right and left main bronchus. On the left side, the main bronchus divides into 2 lobe bronchi, on the right side into 3 lobe bronchi. These are all pictured in white with bluish looking cartilage.

Each lobe bronchus divides into segmental bronchi. In each lung there are approx. 10 lung segments, each supplied by a segmental bronchus. The individual segmental bronchi are depicted in different colors to make it easier to distinguish them from each other.

Product flexibility

Clinical features

Clinically, the model can be used to understand disease states involving the larynx, trachea and bronchial tree. For example, bronchiectasis, chronic bronchitis or epiglottitis.

Furthermore, the model can be used to understand examination methods such as bronchoscopy or the installation of a tracheostomy.

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